From Weights to managing conditions, we provide solutions for Healthy living..

Weight Loss

In weight loss, we expect a person to reduce 3-4 KGs per month. It all depends on metabolism of a person, if it supports a person can end up losing 5-6 KGs and if not then as low as 2 KGs in a month. Starvation is not the basic concept as that's temporary, so we change the combinations & proportions that help in not only weight loss but also in inch loss. One can see visible changes in clothes after a month. Whenever any sort of outings come, if we are informed about, diets can be designed in such a way so that a person can enjoy outside stuff and at the same time loose weight. Hence plans are customized as per individual's lifestyle. Lastly its all home cooked easily available food that helps in reduction.


Post weight loss comes in one-month maintenance program in which an individual is brought back to the normal dietary schedule as no one can be on diet for life. So gradually after bringing the person to normal diet, an individual is made to learn about balanced diet, taught if something goes wrong one day how can it be rectified, things which are high in calories to be consumed in such a way so as not to affect weight in anyway. Finally program ends with learning which helps them to maintain themselves for years to come successfully.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is a slow process but very effective. We do not focus on eating anything junk, in fact emphasis is laid more on eating home cooked food. At times people gain only 1 kg per month, so can take time in achieving results but patience pays off at the end. No supplements or medicines are prescribed. In a very natural way internal system is modified via good eating habit.

Sports nutrition

In this we cover as to what an athlete should eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy body, a well balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, minerals and fats is recommended. The food we eat has an impact on our strength, training and performance. From the very basic level to the highest-level nutrition is important for a sports person before and after workout meal help in maintaining the balance of the body. Therefore healthy eating is the basis for becoming a good athlete or a sports person.

Renal Diet

Kidney diet helps in delaying the kidney failure process. It's a diet low in Sodium, Phosphorus and Protein. It varies depending on the extent to which kidney has got affected. With medicine, a Renal diet is a must to limit down the progression of the disease and ease patient out of confusion of what to eat and what not to. Thus a good diet helps in fast recovery.

Diabetes and Cholesterol

These two are the consequences of a lifestyle and eating disorders. As an individual goes overweight, it increases the susceptibility of getting diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Corrective and timely eating can reverse the process. Diet plays a major role in regulating the blood glucose and cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore a simple easy to follow diet will not only help in getting rid of medicines and diseases but will also ensure a better life thereafter worthy of enjoying.


Increase in weight is directly linked with increase in PCOD & PCOS cases. The best solution to it is a good nutritious diet. Nutritious food helps improvise internal system thus giving a boost to the metabolism. PCOS patients should avoid high starchy and sugary food as it makes loosing weight a tough task. Including more of vegetable and fruits help in rectification process.


Unexpected weight gains, despite all efforts, fatigue and exhaustion, hair loss, muscle joint pain are all indicative of Thyroid. Stress as a result of weight gain furthermore increases the same. Anti depressant is not the solution to it, thinking weight gain can result in many other medical issues. Thyroid diet comes in as a solution but do not expect for a magical weight loss program. No pill can even help you with it. Overnight things can’t be changed. Eating food in right way over the month or years can help achieve our targets. Person to person it varies, for some even with the disorder target achievement is easy in comparison for some it might be very difficult. But the good news is loosing weight is possible. Different diet approaches as per individual can help reducing weight in a delicious and a healthy way as well. So lets get started.