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Ms.Umang from Umang World has helped me in Weight Management in 3 most crucial stages of my life i.e

-Stage of Conception
-Pregnancy Term
-Post Pregnancy Weight Mangement

Her customized diet has helped me from conception to post-delivery Weight Management covering the balanced nutrition alignment during all the stages. It helps me to reduce 10 kgs in a short span of 4 months which is a live miracle for me as I was struggling with weight since last 12 years. I was unable to hold pregnancy and suffered with painful times of repeated miscarriages. Her professional attitude blended with the personal touch allowed me to continue on the dietary pattern and achieve the successful pregnancy and delivery and post natal Sugar, Blood Pressure and Thyroid Control.
Now I am the blessed Mother of 21 months old Healthy Son.
And I regret if we could have met 12 years back, I would have not wasted my so much of time and efforts in Life on Weight Reduction and other Medical Issues.