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Renal Diet


Kidney diet helps in delaying the kidney failure process. It’s a diet low in Sodium, Phosphorus and Protein. It varies depending on the extent to which kidney has got affected. With medicine, a Renal diet is a must to limit down the progression of the disease and ease patient out of confusion of what to eat and what not to. Thus a good diet helps in fast recovery.

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I am 65 years old. How can I diet?

Sorry if I am being harsh but- “Age is not a Reason but an Excuse. And Excuses are Lies Wrapped Up in Reason !”
And to Reason this Excuse, you need to know the following:-

  • Diet doesn’t mean restricting your eating or simply stop eating, which is a popular myth among most of the people. However, diet is just modulation and moderation of eating habits to achieve good health and control health issues.
  • Diet doesn’t require laborious efforts, you just need to consult a dietitian who will create a diet plan according to your age, and you can maintain your health at this age also.

Cheers, you are eligible !


I am 65 years old. How can I diet?

Why do we take our pets to veterinary doctor and not a general physician ?
Simple- It is their domain expertise !
Similarly, consulting a doctor for diet is like consulting a general physician for a pet’s health !

  • Doctor- Trained to advice on health ailments and general well-being of an individual.
  • Nutritionist /Dietitian- Trained to advice on a proper diet chart for an individual considering several factors that affect the overall health and well-being of that person. Thus, focuses on even bite by bite food courses to help one regulate one’s health.

I am 65 years old. How can I diet?

Following a proper diet helps you control your weight. It’s health management through balanced and nutritious food which includes weight management and helps in staying fit. Most people at some point want to lose weight or gain weight – and eating a well-balanced diet as prescribed by a dietician helps you control your weight and maintain it over time.
It is not reasonable to be on a weight-loss diet forever – a balanced diet is the only way to healthily control your weight in the long term which cannot be achieved through regular weight maintenance.
Whereas, in a renal diet, there are certain restrictions to be followed in terms of your eating pattern. Diets are formulated keeping all medical parameters in mind. On contrary, in weight maintenance, one can eat anything to everything but in right proportion.


What if I have side effects?

First of all- “Stop Worrying, You are at Umang World ! ”
Some individuals are allergic to certain food items- which is very common. Key here is that, you don’t leave your nutritionist uninformed. Most of the time some medication does not go well with certain diets. Or during the course of diet plan- if there is any adverse reaction to the prescribed diet, one should immediately communicate to the dietitian.
Umang World’s well-experienced nutritionists and dietitians are known for personalized and prompt service. We case study every individual and then prescribe their diet charts accordingly.


What if I am on medication?

Shruti Khanna, a 22-year-old from Faridabad, who works for an IT firm had diabetes when she came to us. She was on medication, but that didn’t stop her from following a diet plan that helped her maintaining her weight and staying fit and healthy.
She is still on medication, but she never stopped for a day in sticking to her diet regime, and the results are amazing. She still thanks us for giving her a healthier way of life.


What is different in renal diet?

A renal diet is planned in such a way that it reduces the chances of kidney problems or chronic kidney disease to the lowest.

  • It does not load the kidneys with filtration of blood and focuses on improving kidney health and function along with general well-being.
  • Following a renal diet may also bolster kidney function and delay total kidney failure.
  • A renal diet is one that is low in sodium, phosphorus and protein. .
  • It stresses the importance of consuming high-quality protein and limiting fluids. .

How often do I see you? I have a difficult schedule to follow.

What goes into a A HAPPY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE ? – Let us checkout results of this survey by Genesys Global Survey, 2009:-

  • Competent Service Reps- 78%
  • Personalization- 38%

At Umang World we not only have a competent team of nutritionists but offer personalized service !

  • Our nutritionists understand the schedules of our clients, and hence we personalize our service to fix the work meetings as per clients’ feasibility.
  • Once the initial appointment is done, regular consultations can be sought out through emails or phone by regular scaling and monitoring at one’s own end.

I have other medical conditions to manage. Can you help me diet even then?

This proverb by Julius Caesar perfectly describes Umang World- “Experience is the teacher of all things”
Nutritionists at Umang World will help you manage your medical condition and general health by the diets they plan. Yes- even if you have some kind of other medical conditions to manage, rest assured !


Can you come to see me at my place?

We love our clients ! Because they never question why we don’t see people at their place.
But we know you want an answer:-

  1. By god’s grace, our clientele is so huge that we don’t get time to serve people at their place.
  2. It is beneficial for you if you come here as you can consult with our dietitians and nutritionists easily and will get prescribed in a medical setting.

I don’t like berries and grapes suggested by my doctor.

You know what our clients call our nutritionists- ‘Family’
Why ? – Because we truly care for them !
Eating fruit provides health benefits and nutrients vital for health and maintenance of body. People who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. And berries and grapes provide some essential nutrients vital for health and maintenance of body.
In case you don’t like berries and grapes- our dietitians suggest foods and fruits that serves equivalent purpose.


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