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February 26, 2021
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Weight Gain


Weight gain is a slow process but very effective. We do not focus on eating anything junk, in fact emphasis is laid more on eating home cooked food. At times people gain only 1 kg per month, so can take time in achieving results but patience pays off at the end. No supplements or medicines are prescribed. In a very natural way internal system is modified via good eating habit.

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Why should I diet to gain weight? I should just stuff myself

Stuffing all the random stuff won’t help you, my friend !
Consult your nutritionist who will prepare a diet chart for you which would incorporate healthy and nutritious options for quick weight gain which is necessary rather than any fatty or junk food. Therefore, consultation is vital in order to gain weight.


What if your diet makes me lose more weight?

One of our clients, Sunita Arora (name changed), who is a Teacher, was worried about the same thing. However, when she consulted our dietician about it, she assured her- “Diet plan- which she will prepare for her would help her in gaining sufficient weight. If the diet is followed religiously, it will give her positive results.”
Thus, instead of worrying about losing more weight consult a dietician now !


How will I find Diet food in office?

Famous comedian James Franco’s weight gain makeover was on everyone’s lips in 2010. In August 2017, Franco revealed that despite his hectic schedule, he had easy access to diet food as prescribed by his nutritionist.
Nutritionists all across the world are trained to provide healthy food options to their clients within the client’s

  • Budget
  • Believes
  • Routines
  • Local availability.

An endless number of healthy diet combinations can be made available to an individual considering all these factors.


What happens if I stop diet for a month or so?

What happens if earth stops spinning suddenly ?
Once you start your diet routine, you should be determined enough to carry it until you achieve the desired results. Once you start following your diet chart as recommended by your dietician, then it must be followed without a miss.
If you wish to regulate your weight and follow a healthy lifestyle, then a regulated and balanced diet must be followed. You can stop dieting once you have gained enough weight as diet doesn’t need to be followed lifelong !


Can you guarantee weight gain?

Yes ! At Umang World we guarantee weight gain with regulated, balanced and controlled diet
Famous TV anchor, Keith Sequeira, talks about his journey when he used to be very skinny and how he could achieve the appropriate weight and perfect body. He went on a diet as per prescribed by his dietician, followed by a sensible eating plan that had portion sizes which guaranteed his weight gain.


Will there be restrictions on what I eat?

No, not at all ! There will be no such restrictions on your eating; instead, your meals and diet will be regulated.
When Sakshi (one of our clients- name changed), started dieting under the supervision of our expert dietician, her eating was regulated not restricted. She had to follow proper meal plans that avoided processed foods and refined sugars. This regulated her diet and helped her in maintaining her weight as well.


What if I develop complications by overeating?

Success can be achieved by mistake once or twice, not repeatedly…
At Umang World, we have so many success stories that testify effectiveness of our plans. We are thankful to these clients for following their diet plans that they never developed any complications by overeating.
The diet charts have such prescribed portions of food which regulates overeating. Thus, chance of complications becomes insignificant. Worry not !


I am vegetarian. Does that make a difference?

No, that doesn’t make any difference, and you still can achieve the desired results.
Kavita Sood (our client- name changed), was a vegetarian. She was a teenager and was adamant about remaining a vegetarian for the rest of her life. She came to us and shared her concerns.
That’s when our dietician assured her that she could be a vegetarian and there is no need to change her food choice in order to gain weight. Her diet plan was regulated in such way that incorporated all the proteins and enough amount of nutrition that was required for her weight gain and weight maintenance.
If you still aren’t confident, stop following stand up comedians who making vegetarians conscious of their food choice.


Will my eating out be restricted?

No eating out doesn’t get restricted but gets regulated once you start dieting. Let me share with you some TOP 5 TIPS that our experienced nutritionists give in NORMAL CASES:

  1. Reduce your junk food intake very gradually over the course of a month.
  2. Eat protein concentrated healthy food at regular intervals of time to prevent cravings.
  3. Also, each meal must consist of a mix of lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.
  4. For breakfast, foods like oats along with almond butter skimmed milk, blueberries and egg whites.
  5. For dinner, eat as much as veggies mainly broccoli and increase protein intake.

Each person is different ! Thus, we give tips on CASE TO CASE basis.
If you want specialized tips for yourself, call us now at 9810304667


I can’t eat too much. How will that restrict the diet?

Santa only works hard. Banta does hard work smartly. Who do you think makes more money ?
This is a misconception most of the people have that in order to gain weight you have to eat too much.
But this is not true, instead of binge eating; you only need to regulate your diet as per your requirement. For example, if you want to gain weight than following a diet plan as prescribed by a dietician will regulate and control your eating so that you can see the required results.


I don’t like sweets or fried food. Can I still gain weight?
  • Sweets contain a lot of calories in the form of sugar and hence it is better if you don’t want to eat them.
  • Fried foods also contain more fats and harmful byproducts of the frying process.

Therefore, it’s fine if you don’t like, because there are other ways by which you can easily gain weight. All you need is right guidance to gain weight.


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