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Diabetes and Cholesterol

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These two are the consequences of a lifestyle and eating disorders. As an individual goes overweight, it increases the susceptibility of getting diabetes and high cholesterol levels. Corrective and timely eating can reverse the process. Diet plays a major role in regulating the blood glucose and cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore a simple easy to follow diet will not only help in getting rid of medicines and diseases but will also ensure a better life thereafter worthy of enjoying.

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I am 65 years old. How can I diet?

Mr.Pankaj Yadav (name changed), a 69 years old diabetic man who resides in Pitampura (Delhi), asked us the same question. He was afraid to follow a diet chart, and this is when our expert dieticians informed him that diet doesn’t require laborious efforts; it is just modulation and moderation of eating habits to achieve good health and control health issues.
Ageing is associated with a lot of free radical release in the body. As you age, your needs for nutrition increase. Your body is in a degenerative mode. The growth of cells and tissues is slow and even repairing of tissues is at a slow rate.
Therefore, it is important that you consult a dietician and follow the diet even if you are 65 years old or above !


How are you better than normal doctors who suggest a diet?

‘Doctors v/s Dietician’ is a famous search query at Google. But let me tell you my friend, there is no comparison. Both the entities have different focus areas.

  • Doctors as a general rule are not a nutritionist but can certainly recommend vitamins and minerals for certain disorders. They are medically skilled to advice on health ailments and general well-being of an individual. However, they won’t tell you the kind of diet you should take for your weight and health maintenance.
  • Whereas a Dietician will not only advise you on every meal but also the food courses that one should take in order to control and regulate an individual’s overall health which includes management of both diabetes and cholesterol.

How is this different from regular weight maintenance?

Comparing ‘Weight Maintenance Diet’ with ‘Diabetes and Cholesterol Diet’ is like comparing Apple with Oranges !

  • Weight Maintenance Diet: It emphasises on eating everything but in right proportions. However, in case of people having diabetes and cholesterol, same eating pattern can result in disaster as there are certain food restrictions to be followed at the same time.
  • Diabetes and Cholesterol Diet: At Umang World, we focus on excluding certain food items from daily dietary routine of an individual. This is practised to decrease or maintain good sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.

Research shows that people with diabetes face a higher risk of developing heart disease and hence it’s imperative that you follow a diet after consulting a dietician instead of regular eating.


What if I have side effects?

At Umang World, we have expert nutritionists who have years of experience in giving diets or consulting many individuals and helping them live a healthy lifestyle.
However, you must inform your dietician at the time of consultation if you are allergic to certain food items. This will help the dietician to prepare your diet chart appropriately and incorporate foods that have a positive effect on your health and also maintain sugar / cholesterol levels.


What if I am on medication?

Dont worry !
Despite there being a large amount of research into diet and cholesterol, there are still a lot of delusions within the media and even sometimes within the advice offered by healthcare professionals.
To clarify, you can follow diet with medicines. Infact, when diets are planned keeping the problem in mind, it gradually helps in reducing the dosage of medicine.
Team at Umang World is proud to report one of the success stories in which we helped one of our patients to come down from insulin to lowest dosage of medicine. Yes- Lowest Dosage of Medicine !!


What is different in diabetes diet compared to weight loss?

“Starve your Distractions, Feed your Focus”
Planning a diabetes diet is very different and difficult as compared to a normal weight loss diet. Let us understand this claim through the following case studies:-
Case 1: Santa is on Weight Loss Diet
Nutritionist can exercise liberty in giving any food item to Santa without any worry
Case 2: Banta is on Diabetic & Insulin Diet
Banta is not only diabetic but also on insulin. His diet has to be carefully monitored as it can result in fluctuations of glucose levels. Thus, some food items are even excluded while planning diets for Banta since he has specific disorders.


How often do I see you? I have a difficult schedule to follow

Welcome to Club 99 ! – Most of our clients have the same concern. But they are still our clients. How ?

  • There will be no need for you to come in person every time for regular consultations
  • You can contact your nutritionist through emails or phone by regular scaling and monitoring at one’s own end.

What if I rapidly gain or lose sugar levels? Can I be in danger?

After you start to follow a diet, there are changes made to what you eat every day. In case, your sugar levels are fluctuating violently above or below normal, we recommend that you talk to our certified diabetes consultants or registered dietitian about the same and they will tell you how you can keep it in control.
They can work with you to create a meal plan that is flexible and healthy—for both your heart and your diabetes.

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