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Unexpected weight gains, despite all efforts, fatigue and exhaustion, hair loss, muscle joint pain are all indicative of Thyroid. Stress as a result of weight gain furthermore increases the same. Anti depressant is not the solution to it, thinking weight gain can result in many other medical issues. Thyroid diet comes in as a solution but do not expect for a magical weight loss program. No pill can even help you with it. Overnight things can’t be changed. Eating food in right way over the month or years can help achieve our targets. Person to person it varies, for some even with the disorder target achievement is easy in comparison for some it might be very difficult. But the good news is loosing weight is possible. Different diet approaches as per individual can help reducing weight in a delicious and a healthy way as well. So lets get started.

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I am a mother. Will this disturb my schedule?

Not at all !
Many of our female clients are mothers, and they are easily following a thyroid diet as approved to them by our dietitians. To save more time, you can prepare your food as per the prescribed regime which will save your time from cooking and preparing dishes.


Does age matter in this diet?

On 25th May 2017- An interesting article by Economic Times claimed- Nearly 1/3rd Indians are suffering from Thyroid. And mostly are 40+. Does that mean they cannot diet ?

  • We have clients who belong to different age brackets and are affected with thyroid. There are teenagers too, and there are adults too. And for all of them, the diets are different.
  • Our expert dietitians plan a thyroid diet according to the individual’s age and other health conditions. Therefore, it’s important to consult a dietitian so that she can incorporate foods items in your diet as per the age bracket.

How are you better than normal doctors who suggest a diet?

When it comes to health, most people refer to normal doctors- BEWARE !

  • It is important to know that a normal doctor can help in treating diseases and managing chronic illness but aren’t as knowledgeable about the complexities of nutrition.
  • They don’t always have as much one-on-one time with patients to develop individualized bite by bite meal plans, a major component of any treatment plan.

Whereas, only a specialized dietitian can suggest a proper diet that will not only help in regulating your thyroid but will also maintain overall health.


What if I have side effects?

Client 1- Had some allergies which he didn’t inform his dietitian and consequently was affected with side effects.
Client 2- Had some allergies about which he informed his dietitian in the first meeting. This helped his dietitian to plan an appropriate diet excluding the food items he was allergic to.
Being allergic to some food items is common. Many people have these allergies ! It is important that you inform your dietitian about the same.


What if I am on medication?

Even talk-show divas need time off to take care of themselves. Talk-show diva- ‘Wendy Williams’ recently announced a break from her TV shows after being diagnosed with thyroid. She consulted a doctor for treatment and a dietitian to control her diet that can help her regulate her health.
Therefore, being on medication won’t affect your thyroid diet and you must consult a dietitian for the same.


I just had surgery. Will that complicate things?

  • The presence of tumors on the thyroid gland is the most common reason people go for thyroid surgery. Most of these tumors are benevolent, but some can be cancerous.
  • Another reason for thyroid surgery is the swelling or enlargement of the thyroid gland, called goiter. Goiters can block the throat and interfere with eating, speaking, and breathing.

A surgery helps in getting rid of the cancerous nodules. However, you need to take care after the surgery. It’s important to notify your dietician and communicate all the details so that she can plan your diet accordingly.
A dietitian will incorporate supplements that can easily treat low levels of calcium. Treatment should start as soon as possible so that there are no complications.


What is different in Thyroid diet compared to weight gain/loss?

Supermodel Gigi Hadid, recently revealed that the reason of her “too thin” appearance is nothing but thyroid. She also spoke about her lifestyle changes and thyroid diet that she has been taking since she was diagnosed with this disease.
A thyroid diet is different from a regular weight gain/loss diet

  • While a normal weight gain/loss diet has its focus in making the required correction in your weight
  • But a Thyroid diet will be a specialized diet that focuses on targeting the root causes of Thyroid

A generic overview of a thyroid diet: It includes foods that have quality protein, high quantities of necessary vitamins, antioxidants that are needed in hormone production and more! This type of diet will help in making proteins and controlling the body’s sensitivity to other hormones.


How often do I see you? I have a difficult schedule to follow.

Life in 21st century is busy than ever before. Some are genuinely busy. Some are busy in just being busy. In the end- we can’t ignore the fact that everyone is busy!

  • At Umang World, we plan client-dietitian meetings is such a way that it doesn’t affect anyone’s schedule.
  • Once a client is done with initial appointment, regular consultations will be taken care of through emails or phone with regular scaling and monitoring at one’s own end.

Cheers !


What if I can’t find diet food nearby?

Relax ! – You will not be suggested a diet for which you have to go to Africa.
Our specialist dietitian incorporates food items in diets that are locally available at your nearby stores.


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