sports nutrition diet plan

Sports nutrition

In this we cover as to what an athlete should eat and drink in order to maintain a healthy body, a well balanced diet rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamin, minerals and fats is recommended. The food we eat has an impact on our strength, training and performance. From the very basic level to the highest-level nutrition is important for a sports person before and after workout meal help in maintaining the balance of the body. Therefore healthy eating is the basis for becoming a good athlete or a sports person.

I am not a pro. Why do I need sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition is important for athletes and professionals because it provides a source of energy required to perform the activity. But that doesn’t mean that only a professional sportsperson or an athlete needs this kind of nutrition. Sometimes the diets that are prescribed by the nutritionist are based on daily activity and medical condition; hence sports nutrition is important even if you are not a pro.
The food we eat impacts on our strength, performance, training and recovery. That is why the type of food we eat is important and also the times we eat throughout the day has an impact on our performance levels and our body’s ability to recuperate after exercising.

How are you better than specialized sports nutritionists?

Bruce Lee once said- “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity”
A sports nutritionist would only have a diet prescribed which is based on the strenuous sports activity that you are doing, on the other hand, our heath consultants offer needs and future health management through regulated food intake.
Our nutritionists are highly experienced and prescribe diet plans to all the individuals as per their individual needs and requirements which take care of their nutrition intake well.

How is this different from weight maintenance?

Sports nutrition is a well-designed plan that allows adults and athletes to perform at their best. It supplies the right type of food, energy, nutrients, fluids that keep the body well hydrated and functioning properly at all times. It is not just restricted to maintenance of weight, but focuses on overall health management through balanced and nutritious food including weight management.
Sports nutrition is unique for every individual and is planned according to individual goals and hence different from weight maintenance. This type of diet may vary day to day, depending on specific energy demands.

What if I am travelling?

As a certified nutritionist and someone who has successfully maintained a whopping 125-pound weight loss in six years, Christian Bale often tells people that diets will work only if you are determined to stick to them every day in all conditions.
Travelling is not an issue as a nutritionist can easily plan adequate meals based on one’s time and place of travel. Stick to the plan !

Do you ensure I eat based on which sport I play? Or is it same for all sportsmen?

Arnab Mondal (National Level Football Player) follows a diet plan as prescribed by experienced nutritionist. His diet involved foods that can help him stay energetic and was advised as per his sports activity.
Thus, diets vary based on sports activity. Also, there can be slight to major changes in the food regime as prescribed by the nutritionists based on the kind of sports activity you are into.

What is different in sports diet?

A sports diet is majorly designed not only to keep one healthy and fit but is formulated keeping one’s sports activity in mind. Thus, all athletes or sports person rely on sports nutrition to achieve their health and fitness goals.
There are many examples of our clients who turned to sports nutrition that helped them:-

  • Gaining lean mass
  • Improve body composition
  • Enhancing athletic performances
Therefore, taking into consideration different sports activities, ages and durations of practice. Nutritionists at Umang World plan individualized nutritional programs

How often do I see you? I have a difficult schedule to follow

At Umang World, we understand the priorities and other commitments of our clients. And that’s why we have created schedules which can be easily followed by everyone.
Although meetings are recommended. However, at times even a single meeting is not possible. In that case, programme can also be initiated online. Not to worry !
Moreover, we have programmed it in such a way that post initial appointment, regular consultations can be sought out through emails or phone with regular scaling and monitoring at one’s own end.