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Weight Loss

In weight loss, we expect a person to reduce 3-4 KGs per month. It all depends on metabolism of a person, if it supports a person can end up losing 5-6 KGs and if not then as low as 2 KGs in a month. Starvation is not the basic concept as that's temporary, so we change the combinations & proportions that help in not only weight loss but also in inch loss. One can see visible changes in clothes after a month. Whenever any sort of outings come, if we are informed about, diets can be designed in such a way so that a person can enjoy outside stuff and at the same time loose weight. Hence plans are customized as per individual's lifestyle. Lastly its all home cooked easily available food that helps in reduction.


Can I only diet without exercise?

Yes, You can diet without exercise ! However, I would like to share story of my favourites Karan and Arjun to explain better.
Karan: Diet without Exercise
● Kept himself at the bay from the conditions of under and overnutrition (How ?- Because of regulated nutrition intake)
● Rejuvenated body tissues (How ?- By getting rid of toxins and consuming more antioxidants)
● Helped in overall physical, mental and psychological well being
● Slowed down the process of wear and tear of body tissues and overall ageing
● Helped in weight reduction (Since, Karan was overweight)
Arjun: Diet with Exercise
● Got all the above benefits
● In addition, Arjun got these benefits much better and faster (How ? - Because Arjun regularly practised prescribed workouts or exercises) Choice is yours !

Is the diet hard to follow?

No ! That's your personal choice !
I am sure you would heard stories about Adnan Sami’s or Anant Ambani’s diet regimes. It was their willful, earnest, commitment, sincerity and conscious endeavour that lead to their personal well being.
Benefits of following it hard:-
● More Agility
● Energetic
● Less Guilt about Food Choices
Don't you think it's worth the effort ?

How will I find Diet food in office?

At Umang World, we love Angela Merkel ! Because she gave this beautiful quote- “Where there is a will, there’s a way”
Diet Food is big business. Nutritionists across the world are offering healthy food at client’s budget, believes, routines and local availability. And endless number of healthy diet combinations are being offered through food joints offering fresh foods near to office complexes or packaged diet options in shopping mart.
At Umang World, we also love Larry Page and Sergey Brin ! Because they gave us all- Google Search !

I am always travelling. How do I diet?

Is Mark Zuckerberg or Ranveer Singh not travelling always! How can they be healthy ?
Because they take help of a nutritionist to plan their meal based on time and place.

Can you guarantee weight loss?

● Nutritionist A: Guarantees Weight Loss
● Nutritionist B: Focuses on Overall Nutritional Well Being
● Clients of Nutritionist A: Suffered mild to serious consequences on health status (How ?- Because of sole focus on weight-loss)
● Clients of Nutritionist B: Leads healthier quality of life overall along with drastic to moderate weight-loss or weight management (How ?- Because overall nutritional well being is the focus and not just weight-loss)

What if I am diabetic. Can I lose weight?

Yes, of course you can !
One of our clients- Amit (name changed) also suffered from Diabetes ! Here’s what he said to us-
“My weight is 110kg and my fasting blood sugar level always measured 200+. For me weight loss was a dream. That’s when someone referred Umang World to me. Their prime focus in alleviating the patient from debilitating effects of the disease not only helped me in bringing my sugar levels to 120 but also attain a weight loss of 18kg”

Will there be restrictions on what I eat?

Famous Hollywood celebrity Ariel Winter’s story has been inspiring for all us. She may be just 19, but her journey with weight has been long. In a recent interview, she said, “I used to eat French fries and pizza and a piece of cake, every other day. But at one point I became irrationally terrified of fat. That's when I consulted my nutritionist who told me how I could take care of my nutritional intake. By following the diet plan only, I could achieve the heath that I have today. Thanks to my nutritionist”.

To conclude, it is fine to do binge eating once in a while. And if binge eating is done on right proportions- ALL IS WELL !
What if I cheat now and then?

No, buddy, you shouldn't! After all, it's about your health. Diets are planned according to one’s appetite and requirement and thus less cheating.

The queen of aerobic videos Jane Fonda revealed a few years back that she was told from a young age that she had to maintain her health without dodging or cheating with the diet regime she is following— an idea from her nutritionist. The idea developed into a battle with her cravings, and she did fight it with determination to look the best.

Thankfully, Fonda could win this battle, and looks younger than women half her age, no less.

Thus, if you consult your nutritionist when you have a certain craving. Those food items can be included in your diets. This will help solve the issue of cravings without disturbing the diet.

I love sweets. Can I continue eating them?

One of our clients Anurag (name changed) had the same issue. However, when he started following the diet of his nutritionist, his intake was regulated and his cravings were taken care of. This is what he said after a month, "once I started cutting down all that sugar and fat from my diet, I felt healthy and in fact much more motivated to do more for my health and body."

To know how he could do it, this is what he followed to get into shape:
  • Having your plate 75% filled with veggies, when eating the dessert. It will help in crushing the sweet cravings that come from eating sugar.
  • Always eating the fiber-rich foods first. If you eat the sugar first, the cravings will run faster, and then it’ll much harder for you to stay in control.
  • Taking dry sweets, if you want to limit the sweet intake.

Conclusion: Diets also includes sugar and jaggery in right proportions. Even ice cream and related items are included to consume once in a while. Issue arises when limits are exceeded.

Will my eating out be restricted?

Your eating out won’t be restricted but regulated, because that is important for your weight loss. Not all disorders revolve around eating too much food; it can also be obsessed with eating out all the time. Such was the case for Oprah Winfrey. The TV megastar has been upfront in recent years about her struggle with binge eating out at restaurants and food joints.
But as soon as she consulted a dietician, she came to know that because of constantly eating out she had consumed almost 30 pounds of macaroni and cheese.
This is where her weight loss journey started, and she started avoiding fast food places or otherwise junk food places, or simply places that offer fried foods, and added simple grilled or prepared meals with plenty of vegetable or salad options.

I can't live without eating non-vegetarian food. Is this possible in diet?

Diets can be designed for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Here is a perfect example:
Watching both her mother and elder sister diet when she was a child, our client Maria (name changed) insists that from age 14 to 18, she ate a diet consisting of primarily chicken, mutton and prawns. She gained fat very quickly and soon became a synonym for obesity.
Thankfully her nutritionist designed her diet in such a manner that helped her in regulated her non vegetarian intake. She looked terrific when she visited us last month. In fact, she has shared a few tips with us for those who are struggling with the same problem:

  • The meat you eat should account for not more than 10 percent of your total daily calories.
  • If you are more into chicken, turkey and fish, it is good for your health, but if you like mutton and beef more than that, then I am afraid it's not good for your health.
  • Egg without the yolk is an amazing and the cheapest source of protein.