weight management diet


Post weight loss comes in one-month maintenance program in which an individual is brought back to the normal dietary schedule as no one can be on diet for life. So gradually after bringing the person to normal diet, an individual is made to learn about balanced diet, taught if something goes wrong one day how can it be rectified, things which are high in calories to be consumed in such a way so as not to affect weight in anyway. Finally program ends with learning which helps them to maintain themselves for years to come successfully.

Why should I diet to maintain weight?

Bollywood’s reining fashion icon, Sonam Kapoor had a rough debut, when media talked more about her weight than her acting. Today, Sonam doesn’t leave a chance to thank her nutritionist who made her diet chart appropriately and asked her to follow a balanced and appropriate diet. A balanced diet does not only help in maintaining the weight but keep you fit and healthy.

What if your diet makes me lose or gain weight?

The diet designed by a nutritionist will always give you desired results. Just like our client Deepak Sharma (name changed), who follows a balanced diet as suggested by our expert nutritionist.

All you need to do is consult your dietician to achieve desired results. Bingo !
How will I find Diet food in office?

Honestly, this is just an excuse for those who are lazy. Our so many clients have work commitments, and few of them have to travel every alternate day. But they are managing to follow their diet regime as nutritionists everywhere are trained to provide healthy food options to their clients which is in their budget and within their local availability. Several healthy diet combinations can be easily made available to an individual considering all these factors.

What happens if I stop diet for a month or so?

What could have happened if Bollywood heartthrob, Arjun Kapoor stopped diet for a month in the middle of his weight loss journey? He couldn’t have achieved that body. Right?
Needless to say, a balance and regulated diet must be followed for a healthy lifestyle and weight regulation. Once you achieve your desired result, you can stop it since Diet plan doesn’t have to be followed lifelong.

Can you guarantee weight maintenance?

Yes, definitely. You can get desired body weight with the help of diet and proper diet and lifelong balanced and regulated intake. However, you need to consult your dietician as this will vary with age and health status and thus require regular consultations.

Will there be restrictions on what I eat?

When our nutritionists take on the job of creating a diet plan for a client, they do it as per their experience and take care that they plan only a regulated and modified diet chart by including healthier options instead of restricting them to one or two food items.

I am vegetarian. Does that make a difference?

No, being a vegetarian doesn’t make any difference. For weight watchers across the country, Sonakshi Sinha is now an inspiration and a role model, having fought a difficult battle herself to get the fabulous figure she has today. She herself is and has always been a vegetarian, and it didn’t stop her from achieving that perfect body. The actress drinks an adequate amount of fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, and cucumber juice to keep herself hydrated.

Will my eating out be restricted?

Karan Johar, the director every star dreams to work with, talks about his battle with weight issues and says that determination to look healthy and fit is what will make it happen. His eating out was not restricted, but it was regulated. Following the age-old mantra - the combination of exercise and healthy food options - is what helped him and so does it will help you.